Tell us where you found it.

(if you’re interested in procuring a poster for your very own, go here)



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Tim says:

    Tunnel between Helaman Halls and Tanner Building at BYU. Almost didnt visit thinking it was some weird BYU freshman dating nonsense. Curiosity got the best of me when one poster turned into four.

  2. I love this whole thing so much I’m speechless. (And to think it came from dear, old SLC!) A blessing on your guerrilla artist heads!

  3. dave decay says:

    I found these when I was out doing my thing on 3rd east and 3rd south. All of them were posted on the windows of the old antique store thats abandoned there and I hung out for over an hour scanning and reading all of the letters. Whether this was just for fun or real love letters I was moved and it’s inspired alot of creativity in me. Thank you for that…

  4. […] Crazy Love Letter project! 1925 broadsides distributed over 7 days by over 163 people nationally. Find out more, or submit your own […]

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