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Located in a local and slightly rundown strip mall with a gas station on the other side

First, some Passion Pit

Second, some photographs: how to write a crazy love letter


From our San Antonio curator:

 I was in my minivan with my 2 kids in tow and music blasting from the car.  
(I’m including a link to the song so you can feel the vibe of my trip a little more).  
Also, I think my almost 5 year old daughter’s outfit really adds to the overall feel.[…] She woke up
and put this outfit on over her jammies and was rocking it all day long.  When I told her to get ready
to leave, she threw her rhinestone studded pink cowgirl boots on and the outfit was complete.  
She looks like some sort of deranged yet adorable cupid.

(Your vacant lot between two gas stations is so lovely!)

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