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double telephone poles

South of BYU campus (approx 800 north 7oo east)

submitted by Spencer D.


one is still left, for now….

how to write a crazy love letter

crazy love letter

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Posted in a cement washout in Texas:

how to write a crazy love letter

there’s a junior high in my neighborhood. after school there’s a huge crowd of kids
hanging out on this grass ridge that has a cement washout to crawl down into and
hangout, sometimes you can see kids skateboarding in it, or drawing with chalk.
mostly they chat in small groups and wait for the ice cream truck. and when
it does—they move as quickly as is cool to, and form a haphazard line, where
boyfriends hold crumpled dollar bills and ask their sweetheart, orange
creamsicle or icecream sandwich?  (you know i’d go for the choco taco)
so in this washout i put up the love notes.
and the kids added their own.
lizzie loves robert
daniel loves ann
steve loves harper
tina loves sam
sydney loves michael
so i added mine too
rebeca loves david
and told the kids they could keep the posters.
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A letter!

thank you lauren!

Evening walk. Cold. Somewhere on the NE corner of 1900 East and Hubbard/Yale area. Perfection. 
(Saw them all over the city today and this one on my evening walk.
Thank you for bringing me so much joy!)
—Lauren B
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The Olivenhain Town Hall

how to write a crazy love letter

Thank You!

(and Happy 16th birthday Reid!)

(from a girl in Salt Lake City)

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