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On a wall

crazy love letter

at U of U

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The Olivenhain Town Hall

how to write a crazy love letter

Thank You!

(and Happy 16th birthday Reid!)

(from a girl in Salt Lake City)

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From NNW at 24mph gusting to 36mph

Apparently this is what 20lb Hammermill broadsides will look like after a windstorm.

[When I first opened the attachment, I assumed they’d been ripped down by some kid.]


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La Jolla Mailbox!

crazy love letter

“I think those in la jolla love this so much they stole the first
poster.  Probably because it was so awesome.  Having fun here, and
giving people something more interesting than junk mail when they come
every day!”

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sugarhouse laundry

how to write a crazy love letter

wednesday @ 6:00pm

how to write a crazy love letter

thursday @ 8am

how to write a crazy love letter

RIP: no. 1 & no. 2

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love letter pink

love letter crippling regret

Thank you Scene Sister!

(if you’ve found a photo on a blog, instagram, flickr, etc—send us a link!)

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