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found in a library

BYU library



I was closing up the library, so I was going floor to floor
and checking on things. I don’t know what I was doing in
this particular location of the library because I don’t
normally go over there, especially when closing. I was
walking and I noticed a complete set of your posters on
the wall. I mean, a full set! That is so rare, its like
collecting all of the pokemon or something.
I was especially impressed because it had been four days
since Valentines Day and they were still up.


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beside a drinking fountain

how to write a crazy love letter

at BYU

[RIP first 2 posters]

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We will assume these posters were taken down out of love and adoration. They are probably, at this moment, happily displayed in the grounds keeper’s office or some other starry place. (They are not in anyone’s trash can.) Are we allowed to make these assumptions?

How to write a crazy love letter (no. 2)

Formerly stapled to a tree .

how to write a crazy love letter (no. 1)

And this—taped to a nearby wall.


also these—adhered to a park city mailbox.

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