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found in a library

BYU library



I was closing up the library, so I was going floor to floor
and checking on things. I don’t know what I was doing in
this particular location of the library because I don’t
normally go over there, especially when closing. I was
walking and I noticed a complete set of your posters on
the wall. I mean, a full set! That is so rare, its like
collecting all of the pokemon or something.
I was especially impressed because it had been four days
since Valentines Day and they were still up.


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on a shed door or maybe a garage door

how to write a crazy love letter

13th East in SLC

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On a wall

crazy love letter

at U of U

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a coffee shop in SLC

love letter posters

love letter

“Because of limited space, I changed posters each day.
I then posted all posters for one day at the end.
Also, two posters went to a high school teacher
who wanted to show them to his students, and one
went to a letterpress printer who was in the coffee
shop as I was taking the posters down at the end.”

Thank you Holly C!

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Snowy Love

how to write a crazy love letter

An email written after the first 2 posters were removed:

I really admire postal workers
and I hope that the pieces might bring
some joy to the monotony…but maybe
its their postal duty to keep boxes free of posting?

(Thank you MPT!)

we’ll assume that postal worker took those posters home

and installed them in her front windows

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on a blue wall

how to write a crazy love letter

Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK

Thank you!

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double telephone poles

South of BYU campus (approx 800 north 7oo east)

submitted by Spencer D.


one is still left, for now….

how to write a crazy love letter

crazy love letter

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the white brick wall (Feb 15th)

I decided to put up the posters on the side of a (more or less) abandoned building a block away
from my house. The wall I posted them on was so blank and open I thought it would work perfectly.
And it did!
I figured there was enough space on the wall that I would just put them up side by side a good
distance apart. I always put up the posters the night before they were supposed to go up just
to make sure no one really saw me doing it. The first couple days went off without any problems.
As I was walking home from school on the third day I noticed the second and third posters were
missing—the first poster remained in place. I thought maybe they’d just fallen off of the wall,
but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I figure someone must’ve taken them, but why would they take
only those two and leave the first?! This has been plaguing me ever since it happened, but I
proceeded to put up the posters like the other two were still there. When it snowed over the
weekend, the first poster fell off and ended up making its home on the ground beside an old
mattress. When the snow stopped, I resumed posting like usual and the rest of the posters
haven’t been touched so far. I documented the wall today.
Rebekah E.

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facebook + the faculty room:

faculty room

Here are some pics of a teacher faculty room.
I put up the posters and a facebook “like” sign was drawn on the board.
The next day the number 2 was there.
Very clever those teachers : )

Aleicia P.


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