300 east 300 south (SLC):

Antique shop on the night before Valentines (submitted by TB)

On Valentines, I drove by this shop to see the posters in person—they had all been removed.

Yesterday, I drove by with a friend and all of them had been replaced [see below]

Everyone is wondering how the posters were removed without tearing them.

(we’re just really really really impressed).


2 thoughts on “300 east 300 south (SLC):

  1. Therese Berry says:

    Having been one of the two night raiders who originally posted this location, I was especially interested in this “now you see it ~ now you don’t” episode. Upon hearing of the mysterious reappearance, I drove back to the scene of the crime to see for myself…

    It was obvious upon inspection that this remorseful soul had indeed tended to the care and feeding of the broadsides. Not only were they carefully removed, they were most carefully re-installed. Bravo!

    Now, just to instruct us all on your craft…


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