to the girl who apologized:

Your apology is accepted!!! And I would say that you should go take them down again and post them in your house, but tonight my best friend from texas was visiting and I was driving around SLC showing her all the places where people had reported seeing posters. Yesterday, I’d noticed the posters were down, so I wasn’t going to stop there, but I accidentally went straight on 3rd east when I should have gone left. AND THERE WERE THE POSTERS! We kind of started yelling in the car because we so happy and so surprised.

so THANK YOU! you restored them just in the nick of time.



How did you get them down without ripping them?
(they looked brand new!)


[because you are the new curator of that location]
When you feel it is appropriate, please take them down and frame them in your house
(send me a photo)
email me your mailing address
(so I can send you a proper thank you)


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